• Natalie Bonse

Working remotely in times of COVID-19

The Global effects of COVID19 has led many a business rushing to CLOUD computing.

Though a complicated time from a business perspective; making the physical office inaccessible, pushing companies to find an alternative method to keep operations going.

For many, the solution is turning to server data centers; allowing businesses to store their data, software and stream online.

At the forefront of public awareness; being shopping, gaming, and social interaction; this public CLOUD also promotes the massive shift to working remotely.

We can so easily forget; 20yrs. ago, none of this was possible without the GLORIOUS CLOUD.

The COVID crisis has brought about the ACID TEST; pushing to the MAX, the ability, reliability and security of online applications and their companion technology within the CLOUD.

We the public are conscious of online vendors such as ZOOM, SLACK and NETFLIX. We need to be aware of their essential enabling support systems, such as, MICROSOFT AZURE and GOOGLE CLOUD. These application vendors are moving at a rapid pace, keeping up with the vast number of people working from home.

Our team at BonseBonse has been working with our valued customers in REAL TIME within the CLOUD since the past 4 years already and specialize in helping businesses with the transition, setup and training on the best cloud based software like QuickBooksOnline and many third party applications.

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