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The effective designing and implementation of workplace safety programs minimizes the risk of loss and damage to persons and property. The results: cost savings, productivity and amicable work interaction.

The design of an effective safety plan requires an analysis of workplace condition and its required protection in relation to risk. The sales person may require a greater degree of protection than the administrative position.

A workplace safety program is effective in retaining employees as well as drawing forth new talent. As a high percentage of professionals are seeking a safe work environment rather than a large package offer.

Organizations need to design efficient assistance programs aimed at diagnosing and treating stress related problems in the work place.

A few safety programs are as follows:

-Safety Policy

-Provider of physical health services

-mental health services

-employee assistance program

-fitness programs

-awareness programs

The workplace safety program helps the individual maintain their health as the employer retains there most valued resource, first and foremost, their employee.

We at BONSE BONSE Real Time Bookkeeping, seek to create a safe working environment for our Team as we endeavor moment by moment to serve YOU, our valued customers.

Friday August 14, 2020

Written by: Sally Cooper

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