• Natalie Bonse

Traditional vs Real Time Bookkeeping

Let's face it! Traditional bookkeeping is on its way out. Why is that?

Because the needs of small business owners has changed and of course technology develops faster almost every day. Therefore the need for up-to-date information to make better and more accurate financial decision for the future became more and more important. The manual data entry is costing too much time and brings by far not as much value to your business as the real time data. While most small business owner saw their bookkeeper on the liability side of their balance sheet in the past, due to having to pay them for the time working on the books, they now clearly see the bookkeeper on the asset side, due to efficiency, more value, better consulting and pro-active work on the book as well as paying a monthly fixed fee rather than hourly.

Another great fact about the real time bookkeeping is: Freedom! Who doesn't want to be able spending more time with family, friends, hobbies, travelling? No matter where you are in the world and for how long you decide to stay, as long as you have internet access your financials will always be with you, right at your fingertips, and up-to-date.

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