• Natalie Bonse

The "WHY"

Right from the start, my mom and I were already an amazing team. Ever since I was a child she was my rock and had my back at all times. Nothing has changed except for that today she is not doing all of that just in my personal life, but also in our business.

While my mom is keeping everybody organized, I am always on the hunt for new innovations and processes to constantly help clients to optimize their processes to be more efficient.

Throughout my life I was known for being passionate about helping others and at the same time always having a smile and a good joke. I just always see the good and the opportunities in any situation, which seems to inspire others.

Strange enough, since I was young I also enjoyed working with numbers, which the majority of people find to be boring. Not me though. My dad used to call me his little "Einstein" back then. But maybe also to motivate me to help with the physical inventory count at his roofing company, that no one else seemed to enjoy as much as I did, by always looking for ways to do this in the most efficient way possible.

After graduating from high school I went off to college for economics and business management where I graduated with Abitur (General University-Maturity) in 2009 to enter the working world at PwC in Hanover, Germany. I had the possibility to write my exams to become an assistant tax consultant after just 2.5 years of apprenticeship instead of 3 years and got my certificate with an outstanding.

In the mean time my parents had immigrated to Canada in 2007 where I spent some wonderful holidays until I decided to take a brake from the life as an employee and came to Canada in 2014 for originally 12 months of working holiday. Yes, I am now calling Edmonton my home since over 5 years and so much growth has happened ever since.

In the beginning, I right away started to work which automatically meant not being able to travel and still making money. This I wanted to change badly. Why shouldn't I be able to travel and still work to help my clients from anywhere in the world?

In 2016 my mom and I started our business journey with the mission of freedom and success. Not just for our selves, but for our clients. Cloud accounting was the key to this freedom as well as to success.

By using the best technology we are able to make our clients financial workflow efficient as well as being able to work proactive based on real time data, doesn't matter where we or our clients are.

To align and communicate the spirit and luxury of our mission of freedom and success within our branding, we are super excited to announce our re-branding that we will be showing off starting from May 28th, 2020.

My WHY I am in this business is being able to combine my biggest passions: Building and leading a wonderful team, helping other businesses to succeed as well as travelling and connecting the world at the same time. The sky is the limit (Der Himmel ist die Grenze).

What is your WHY? Why are you in the business/ employment your are in?

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