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Mental health issues have risen due to the necessity of working remotely. The global pandemonia are reaping its effects as it negatively impacts due to high levels of stress.

Travel and social restriction have left us socially isolated and discouraged. This sudden physical disconnection fosters anxiety and depression, damaging our mental health.

Working without human interaction creates a mindset of anxiety, feeding the feeling that we have nowhere to turn.

The chaos of readjustment and adaptation to working from home can seem unbearable. The increased workload and the lack of a separate workspace hinder the necessary distinction between work and home.

Back to back virtual meetings without the necessary physical human interaction fosters an intense feeling of disconnection.

We can gauge others' responses within physical interaction, not so in a virtual setting, resulting in heightened stress and anxiety affecting the team's well-being and productivity.

To reduce online psychological pressure, guidelines must be followed by the team:

. 10-minute breaks between meetings

. Meeting free days

. Smaller-scale meetings

. Boundaries between work and home life

. Regular work schedule

. Planned work breaks from the screen.

. Regular one on one time with the team members

Our willingness to be real and tell our team members how working in isolation affects us can bring a sense of relief that we do have someone who cares and is listening.

We at BonseBonse Real-time Bookkeeping care about our team members and seek to comfort and encourage each other when needed. In doing so, we can continue to meet the necessary needs of you, our clients.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Written by: Sally Cooper

Reference: Bethany Garner

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