• Sally Cooper

The Benefits of Your Pet in Your Work Space

Our work environment can be a source of negativity and stress. This buildup of tension can severely reduce your focus and productivity. Incorporating your pets into your work environment creates a positive atmosphere for you and your colleague's morale.

Pets can affect our work/life balance enabling us to endure the possibility of long work hours in a peaceful frame of mind as our pets remind us to stop and "pet the pet." This pause to step back from work in short walks and playtime with our pets allows us a much-needed mental break to alleviate stress and overwork, keeping our spirits up through our pet's comic relief.

Pets calm us, reduce blood pressure, lower stress levels and influence our friendliness and productivity. Our pets can create camaraderie, triggering positive interactions. This lowering of stress means fewer physical and emotional ailments reducing the companies health care cost.

The global pandemic has led to the fluctuating shutdown and reopen of the physical office sending employees home to work remotely. This continuous cycle has placed an extreme strain on our emotions—more than ever, we need the comfort of our pets alongside us to alleviate our tension.

I am pleased to share the experience of Natalie Bonses' beautiful labradors in our office workspace. These wonderful canines fostered much comfort, smiles and laughter.

At BonseBonse Real-time Bookkeeping, we live out the reality of how our pets can calm, soothe and inspire our creativity and productivity as we continue our service to our clients.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Written by: Sally Cooper

Reference: USCDomsife

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