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Return to Work In Style

The past year has sent us undercover from the office to the privacy of our homes to regroup and work remotely. These adjustments were many from missing colleagues, structuring our home/work routine, the lack of commuting led many of us into pyjama attire. As restrictions are hopefully lifting, our return to the office will require a new set of apparel.


Sort through and organize the clothing that you already have; many you will have forgotten. Lockdown put a damper on our usual dress for work. A well-organized wardrobe will energize your drive to return to the office. Choosing your favourites for your first day at the office will heighten your anticipation.


Feelings of nervousness about returning to the physical office are expected as we have had to weather the shock of isolation from people. We may feel slightly stunted in our interpersonal communication skills. Remember to be patient with yourself as you emerge from your hibernation from the public. To ease this transition, wear clothing that is comforting and comfortable to enhance your confidence.


Keeping your colours neutral such as khaki and cream that accent the other. Adding a splash of your favourite colour brings cheer to your demeanour.


Jewellery in the workplace should be simple and understated. Foot-wear upon return should be comfortable flats as we are accustomed to the foot comfort of our time in isolation.

Our return to the office will be a strange transition as we emerge from isolation with the after-effects upon our emotions. Your wardrobe should make you feel like the gorgeous and courageous woman that you are.

We at BonseBonse Real-time bookkeeping have experienced the same separation anxiety as all business colleagues are experiencing due to our business's fluctuating shut-down/re-open. As a professional team of women, we anticipate returning to the office. We take the time to choose our wardrobe with care. We know that comfort, personal preference, and presentation showcase our diverse personalities, creating an inviting, relaxed atmosphere and interaction with clients.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Written by: Sally Cooper

Reference: Prowess Team

April 22, 2021

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