• Sally Cooper

Retaining Female Employees during the Pandemic

The global pandemic has wrought major repercussions to the workforce. Women have been resigning at a rapid rate. The loss of these women has a negative effect, and leaders need to do what is necessary not to leave.

Remote work for these women can be exacting as they juggle jobs and parenting. The constant pressure of professional and nurturing demands can cause intense stress. Women take a serious look at whether their career is important. Senior women, African American women and mothers are toying with slowing down or stepping completely away from their profession.

Working from home presents the need to choose to turn off work at the end of the day. The temptation to work evenings and weekends can be predominant. The work teams' necessity of open communication, alternatives, and flexibility can stabilize these women and help them determine a balanced work/domestic routine.

When leaders remember that its members define the company's success, they will seek to spend the time and energy to safeguard the teams' happiness and growth through networking and virtual communication.

To retain and establish female employees, the following ideas can be helpful:

. Employees create their own schedules.

. Establish understanding, flexibility and trust

. Employees are held accountable for taking time off of work.

. Encourage a balance of work and family.

. Team memebers are required to have the camera on during a virtual meeting.

. Foster healthy team interaction

. Maintain a professional appearance by dressing the part as you work.

. Set aside a private workspace

A team that incorporates these guidelines are ensuring a healthy virtual work environment as they advance together.

We at BonseBonse Real-time Bookkeeping continue our team effort virtually as we take the time to connect to ensure that all is well.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Written by: Sally Cooper

Reference: Lauren Sanders

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