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Technology is rapidly changing the way we govern our business.

Not so long ago, we ditched our expansive ledgers for computer software which in-turn became quickly outdated.

As a progressive business we need to be alert and do the necessary inquiry as to whether our accounting methods are old school or real-time.

Old School accounting included everything from paper systems, ledgers and spreadsheets; these procedures consumed an innumerable amount oof hours, involving coding, manual entry of data, as well as up loading all data onto one server. Truly an extremely inefficient, insecure system.

Today's outdated methods include software programs that remain on the desktop. Though these programs digitally capture the information, they need regular up-date and cannot be accessed outside the office.

Old School accounting systems require the attention of a full staff; CEO, Accountant, Bookkeeper and a Data Clerk. IT professionals oversee the overall performance, along with the upkeep, maintenance and software; incurring an unnecessary expense.

to reiterate, as to whether you are Old School, ask yourself the following: 1) Can you access your data when your accountant is out of the office? 2) Are you using a server and a large Team to manage your Business? Your answers reveal your reality.

Present day accounting is CLOUD based in REAL-TIME stored within reach; to be used anywhere, anytime, on any device. From any location around the globe you can send invoices, track expenses and access daily cash flow. As this system is automated it curtails time consuming tasks, reducing financial costs.

A major benefit of real-time accounting is the elimination of upgrade expense. Your CLOUD based accounting specialist frees you to focus on your primary concern, the forward growth of your business.

As a CLOUD based accounting team, we at BONSE BONSE REAL - TIME BOOKKEEPING look forward to coming alongside; giving you the time you need to focus on your future.

Written by:

Sally Cooper

May 2, 2020


David Dinardo

September 20, 2019

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