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QuickBooks 2021 Maintenance Release 6 (R6)

Intuit has rolled out the changes, fixes and improvements through maintenance Release 6 (R6) update for the 2021 QuickBooks desktop. These changes are regarding QuickBooks Pro 2021, QuickBooks Premier2021, QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise V.21.O. This new feature is relative to 'PLUS' subscription software versions. Take the time needed to review all release notes so you can make an informed decision.

Each new update will include previous update changes. Turning on your automatic updates will allow QuickBooks to download and prompt you to install automatically. Automatic or manual updating will be a choice you will need to ponder.


Vendor Bill Payments:

QuickBooks Plus customers will be able to use QuickBooks BillPay. This new feature, similar to QuickBooks online, enables you to send payments to vendors through debit card, credit card, or EFT and define how your payments are received either by check or electronic transfer.

QuickBooks BillPay Enables The Following:

  • Payment of bills through QuickBooks

  • Choice of how vendors receive payment

  • Schedualization of bill payments

  • Duplication prevention through an automatic PAID stamping on the invoice

  • Three types of payment methods such as debit and credit cards and electronic transfer



An issue was addressed which was preventing the opening of memorized reports created by QuickBooks 2018. A rebuild and update repaired and released the memorized reports.

Intuit has had numerous issues through previous QuickBooks versions and is making a conscious effort to phase out this repetitive problem.


Since this new feature is only available for 'PLUS'subscription, it cannot benefit the majority of QuickBooks 2021 Users.

Updating to the R6 version can dissolve the inability to open memorized reports. Though this R6 version is credible, it is advisable to search out the necessary feedback which will enable you to make an informed decision.

BonseBonse Real-time Bookkeeping continues to evolve with current software to ensure our clients receive professional results.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Written by: Sally Cooper

Reference: William Murphy

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