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Life Reflections

My name is Sally Darlene Cooper. I was born in Calgary, Alberta. The youngest of five children. By the age of 3yrs, my Father had committed suicide, and we were whisked away from our Mother and placed in various foster homes. Two older sisters and I fostered at a relative's house in Lethbridge, Alberta, resulting in years of abuse and discrimination. I grew up lonely, on the outer circle of real families, belonging to no one yet wishing that I did.

Regardless of my oppressive environment, I grew to become friendly, outgoing, ambitious and adventurous. Nothing would keep me from moving forward and becoming who I was meant to be.

I performed in various theatrical productions in my teen years, having been offered a lead role in two. I also competed in solo singing and poetry recital, garnering first place in both. As well as achieving high honours in academics. In my senior year of high school, I was chosen along with 7 other young girls, from 400 applicants to become a SEARS model for the prestigious TEEN FASHION COUNSEL. Within this multitude of accomplishments, I suffered low self-esteem as a result of the abusive home atmosphere.

After high school, I moved back to Calgary, my birthplace, as a single woman. I was offered numerous apprentice office positions within Law, Oil & Gas, Insurance and the Glenbow Museum, and being trained by Falconer Academy of Modeling.

Having met and married a young man, we moved to his province of birth, Manitoba. Soon after my relocation, I began a journey of my spiritual search for truth. I asked Jesus Christ to be my Savior. He changed my life perspective. Now I finally had a heavenly Father who would never abandon me. I had a forever home with the one who created me.

I was blessed with 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. I enjoyed the adventure of homeschooling each one. An unforeseen boating accident took the life of my firstborn son through drowning.

Another major highlight of Manitoba was the running of a guest ranch. My childhood fantasy coming to life through horses, saddles, trail rides, wagon rides, late-night bonfires, old west role play, along with the food prep and housekeeping for the guests.

The guest ranch gave me my first introduction to extensive paper trail bookkeeping for the yearly tax report. Manitoba also gave me various opportunities for fashion photoshoots as well.

In 2015, I returned to Alberta as a single woman. Not knowing all the Unseen Vistas God had prepared for me, from working in Australia, Canadian national and provincial parks, hunting lodge, as well as a member of a drag racing team. Numerous travel opportunities across Canada and a delightful trip to Ukraine and various other countries with my youngest daughter. I was invited along with my daughter to train with Chan International modelling and talent in Edmonton.

My life journey has brought to the surface and honed various God-given abilities such as teaching, singing, dancing, modelling, fashion, drawing and writing. I am organized, eye for detail, humorous, laid back, living in the moment, caring about people, kind of person.

At present, a book I have written is in its last stages of publication and soon available to the public.

In 2019, I switched my tax service to Natalie at BandBbookkeeping. Upon our first encounter, we were drawn into a bond of like-minded friends. During one of our many conversations, I broached the idea of a possible apprentice position within her company. As her business progressed, I was formally invited to become part of this business team in an apprentice training position—a deja vu of on-the-job training in Calgary. Having started my training in Feb 2020, not knowing anything about Cloud-based bookkeeping, progressing forward under Natalie and Antje's patient instruction. I am now able to perform various duties such as Client checklists, receipt bank, quick books duties, and write business articles for our web page.

I am humbly grateful to be welcomed so warmly by this family and be a part of this business team.

I endeavour to serve YOU, our customers, to the best of my abilities!


Sally Cooper

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