• Sally Cooper


We are now nearing the end of January 2021. How is everyone doing? How are you weathering the beginning of this new year? It is essential to ask ourselves this personal question as well as to inquire it of others. As a global community at large, we are all in this together.

Taking a serious look at our internal coping measures and assessing whether they are healthy is paramount. As we are faced with our truth, what alterations must we make to assure healthy sustainability within our unchangeable global environment? Also, how can we be a source of support and encouragement to others virtually? Stepping outside our comfort zone to attend to the needs of another is a necessity.

As we continue to walk forward in this new way of living, may we be ever conscious of those we encounter day by day and their need for our human connection.

We at BonseBonse Real-time Bookkeeping continue to be mindful of you, our clients. Your needs are our concern.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Written by: Sally Cooper

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