• Sally Cooper


Due to COVID19, the ever present culprit of social distancing and staying at home; all businesses, be they large or small, are having difficulty running a TIGHT SHIP.

Business owners walk a slippery deck between safety of employees as well as not faltering in accounting compliance.

Nevertheless a seasoned business leader is capable of navigating their course through the ever changing turbulent waters.

The availability of CLOUD ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE moderates business inconvenience. Leaders communicate, delegate and monitor their TEAM from the privacy of home.

This software application, hosted by a service provider, pares down the installation and maintenance. As an automated cloud accounting software it brings immense benefit to all business.

The leading Edge of such Software brings about 1) Universal Accessibility 2) Work smarter and faster 3) Hassle free data storage and backup 4) Secure privacy and data.

A multitude of scenarios can intervene within a business without warning; from economic, natural, medical as well as the current COVID19. The predominate factor of the moment is to intercept technical disruptions at the onset and being future ready.

Our Team at BONSE BONSE Real - Time Bookkeeping, on board through Cloud Accounting software continue to keep your business affloat and sailing forward through COVID19.

Written by:

Sally Cooper

April 24, 2020


Kapil Rana


March 31, 2020

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