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Become a Cherished Advisor as You Improve Your Communication Skills

The stress of the past year has affected our personal and mental health and has deprived us of our interaction with family, friends, clients, colleagues, and team members due to the continuous lockdowns.

As we progress forward in anticipation of reconnection, there is a need for a cherished Advisor as a strategic business partner in aiding our decisions.

As a cherished Advisor, you will need to focus on communication skills, a necessity for genuine connection with clients and team members to withstand future technological advancement.

These Professional communication skills can be developed through practice and demonstration. Within the accounting realm, these skills can be narrowed down into five categories.


As a leader, your ability to share your experience can offer comfort and value to your team members and clients. As you lead by example, your expertise will ensure that you are reliable.


Your skill in planning, initiating, and following through to completion will enable you to achieve your goals. Project management is a START to FINISH in meeting your deadline. Throughout the entire process, you are validating your client's trust.


The necessity of responding to the needs and questions of all involved communicates their importance. Establishing accountability for returning phone calls and answering messages assures others that they are acknowledged.


Taking the time to access and develop a solution while communicating with transparency is crucial. Respond honestly to questions you are unsure of, and relaying any unpleasant answers, lays a foundation of open dialogue that fosters trust.


Collaboration requires the approach of mutual respect—the learning how to establish a middle meeting ground within the midst of various viewpoints. An acceptable area of compromise allows all parties to progress forward satisfactorily.

BonseBonse Real-time Bookkeeping continues to incorporate these necessary communication skills within our team and clients to ensure our service integrity.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Written by: Sally Cooper

Reference: Amy Vetter

David Leary

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