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Basic Tech Equipment Needed When Working From Home

Working from home has become commonplace for numerous businesses. However, being unprepared for the necessary adjustments can cause our business to fall behind.

An essential list of tech equipment requirements will meet your remote work needs.


Most important is your internet connection, which allows you to stay in contact with your team.

A reliable internet connection is especially vital during an online meeting and the sending and receiving data and information. Proper hardware such as a router, network and internet plan providing the necessary speed will ensure an up-to-date function of your business. Your internet provider will issue and install the total package for you.


Another essential is a laptop or desktop computer. The desktop is a consistent setup, less expensive than a laptop and offers a larger screen.

Your computer needs vary according to your use. For example, anything design-related will require more processing power. The laptop can meet the requirements of limited space and portability.


Your home office may need more than one monitor, depending on your work and how many programs you may need to run.

In the Art & Design field, multiple monitors ensure correct colour and detail. Extra monitors can connect both desktop and laptop, essential to a high demanding workflow.


Working from home requires extensive sit-down time at your computer. Therefore, the right kind of office chair is necessary to regulate your ergonomics. In addition, your chair needs to provide a comfortable posture to minimize your aches and pains.


Working from home will require many meetings utilizing a high-quality webcam, allowing you to stay connected with co-workers.


Your keyboard and mouse need to be suitable for creating a comfortable work experience; they need to reduce the potential issues of muscle strain and carpul tunnel.


Storing your information safely and securely on an external backup is vital while working remotely. Regardless of how powered up your computer system is, you risk the unexpected computer or network shutdown; this can cause the loss of many work hours along with many essential files. Instead, develop and follow a routine of saving your data and creating a system backup for your computer, which allows you to restore your desktop. Be prepared ahead of time for the unexpected.


Protecting your computer, systems and files with a surge is paramount.

A power outage can occur during working hours, causing your systems to shut down.

Investing in a surge protector can keep your information safe.

The employee and employer need to work together to ensure everything necessary to perform the work professionally.

As Bonse Bonse Real-time Bookkeeping continues to work remotely, we ensure our team is equipped to serve you professionally.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Written by: Sally Cooper

Reference: Prowess Team

May 25, 2021

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