• Sally Cooper


We at Bonse Bonse hope you experienced JOY at Christmas in the midst of restrictions foreign to the previous year. Together as a global community, we weathered the trauma of 2020 and its major loss and adjustments.

We each walk forward into this new year of 2021 with individual issues, hopes, dreams, and expectations. Bringing with us struggles as we move into a new reality. A time of reconstruction as we step out of what was into a new learning curve. Business and personal interaction are relegated to the worldwide-web through various software.

As a community that has come face-to-face with this new way of living, it needs

support and encouragement. So that none are left out in the cold to adjust alone.

As we focus on what is most important, our personal, business, public, and global relationships, we will eventually arrive at a balanced NEW lifestyle.

At BonseBonse Real-time Bookkeeping, we look forward to our continued service to you, our valued clients, as together we venture into the New Year of 2021.

Tuesday, December 29, 2021

Written by: Sally Cooper

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