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Fraud and financial error, employee overspending on credit or a fraudulent cheque; there are ways to prevent such expensive mistakes:

1) Have a relationship with your accountant/bookkeeper

-Many businesses only interact with their accountant during tax time; missing the real value of the service they can provide in monthly advisory skill.

-A monthly check-in allows the business owner to review the books and ask the necessary questions. An experienced Bookkeeper can walk you through an explanatory journey through quick books.

2) Request detailed invoices

-Detailed invoices from a business vendor or partner keep you informed and alert to mistakes and fraud prevention; as well as the ability to go back later for that double check.

3) Track and manage expenses

-A multiple people company credit card demands a precise system to curtail card expense. Unnecessary spending happens without proper training and accountability. A company credit card requires an expense report following each transaction, including limits on spending; a BUDGET.

-Financial mistakes can be devastating to your business. As a result many business owners employ the sound service of a quick books bookkeeper.

We at BONSE BONSE Real Time Bookkeeping; known for our foundation of integrity welcome you our customers as we moment by moment assess your business, keeping it fortified and progressive.

August 28, 2020

by: Sally Cooper

reference: Danielle Higley

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