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Meet The Team


Sally Cooper

Wonderful Team Member

Awesome Admin with over 5 years of experience and a terrific writer

Antje Bonse


Wicked Administrative with over 20 years of experience

Natalie Bonse


Kick-Ass Bookkeeper with over 10 years of experience


Natalie Bonse is the founder of BonseBonse and advises to organizations on how to create a freedom, through awareness of your real-time financial information.

With the mission of creating freedom and more awareness of real time financial situation of a business like yours, Antje & I started our business journey in 2016. My goal is to help businesses grow and be successful. By utilizing the best cloud technology, financial business workflows will be most efficient, which saves time, money as well as give the freedom of having access to the financial from anywhere in world.  The sky is the limit!

Antje Bonse is the co-founder of BonseBonse and keeps businesses organized and the ducks in a row. 

With the mission to support businesses and lead our clients to grow their business and success, Natalie & I went into business in 2016. I am truly enjoying supporting a wonderful team as well as our clients by keeping everyone organized and up-to-date with their virtual paperwork.

Sally Cooper is a wonderful and highly valued team member of BonseBonse, who makes sure organizations are staying on top of uploading any receipts for us to provide best service possible.

My life journey has brought to the surface an honed various abilities such as teaching, singing, dancing, modeling, fashion, drawing and writing. I am an organized, eye for detail, humorous, laid back and caring about people and their businesses, kind of person. My mission is to support businesses to stay organized in the most fun way possible.

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